Zhongshan Guzhen zuola Trade Agent Company

Zhongshan Guzhen zuola Trade Service Co., Ltd. is located in Guzhen Town, China's lighting center. It has more than 10 years of trade agency experience in the lighting industry and procurement experience and resources in other related industries.

At the same time, we also have our own factory, which produces LED lamps and lanterns, with price advantage and quality assurance.

We have customers from many countries in Europe, Southeast Asia and South America. They mainly buy Lighting, sanitary ware, furniture, building materials, and furniture electronic products. While producing lamps and lanterns, we also provide trade agency services to save time and effort for customers and develop the market more efficiently.

With the advantage of location, our company can provide relevant procurement services, inspection services, and shipping services efficiently and quickly.



Contact: ZUOLA

Phone: +8613178604500,+8613702502850


Add: 5F-5, Galaxy Lighting Plaza, Guzhen, Zhongshan, China

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